What are Loom Bands?

Loom Bands are colourful silicone bands that you can make into colourful silicone bracelets. Each pack contains hundreds of bands to make into bracelets, the only limit is your imagination.

How do I turn Loom Bands into Loom Bracelets?

You can easily weave bands into bracelets using your hands but we also include a hooked wand to make things a bit easier. There’s lots of different ways to weave the bracelet together. Check out the videos to get started!

We've also got a brand new Loom Band kit on the way that includes a special board for making more complex designs. Stay tuned for more details!

Where I can find Loom Bands?

Loom Bands are distributed by MDI. To find out where you can find a stockist near you, visit our website or purchase them directly from our online partner Spreester for a great price with free delivery.


Please note, when buying from Spreester that only the 200 band packs include the hooked wand.

Simple Loom Band

Foot Style

Advanced Fishtail